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Incense Cone

Incense cones are often constructed from a blend of aromatic herbs, spices, and resins. They emit a fragrant smoke that is used for a variety of rituals, meditation, and other activities as well as to simply freshen the air in a space.

Incense Making Material

Incense making material includes bamboo sticks, paste (typically made of charcoal dust or sawdust and joss/jiggit/gum/tabu powder glutinosa and other trees), and the fragrance ingredients. The items are added in balanced proportions. Incense making material is pure and highly efficient.

Incense Sticks

Agarbatti, or incense sticks, are a form of aromatic substance that are burned to produce fragrant smoke. They are frequently connected with spiritual practises and rites and have been utilised for ages by many different civilizations and religions.

Paper Plate And Dona Making Material

Paper plates and dona making materials are food-grade paper that is manageable, lightweight, and biodegradable. These are made by grinding and bleaching wood pulp or other plant fibres. Using a moulding machine, the paper pulp is combined with water and moulded into the required shape.

Disposable Bowl

Disposable bowls are intended to be used just once and then thrown away. These are used for serving food at picnics, parties, and other gatherings when convenience and clean-up ease are priorities. Disposable bowls are typically composed of materials like paper, plastic, or foam.

Disposable Plate

Disposable plates are made to be used only once before being discarded. These are constructed of paper, plastic, or foam. Disposable plates are perfect for outdoor events, picnics, parties, and other occasions.